Milagro World Center Presents

Ancient Sacred Ground


A Highly Transformative 12 Day Visionary Retreat
with Keepers of the Miraculous
Joseph Rosado and Nina Patrick
Cate Roberts
July 12th- July 23rd, 2019
a Pilgrimage for Keepers of the Miraculous
 in the Sacred British Isles and Scotland

Friday, July 12th -  Day One : Seeing With New Eyes and New Vision

Saturday, July 13th -  Day Two :  Exploring the Chalice

Sunday, July 14th -   Day Three : Diving Deep into Expanded Consciousness

Monday, July 15th - Day Four : Discovering the Miraculous on Ancient Ground

Tuesday, July 16th -  Day Five :  Embodying Qualities of the New Human

Wednesday, July 17th -  Day Six :   Transcending Separation and Leading with Love

Thursday, July 18th -  Day Seven : Experiencing Personal and Collective Activations in the Heart Chakra

Friday, July 19th -  Day Eight :  Celebrating in the Peace Gardents

Saturday, July 20th -  Day Nine :  Scotland

Sunday, July 21st -  Day Ten :  Scotland

Monday, July 22nd -  Day Eleven :  Scotland

Tuesday, July 23rd -  Day Twelve :  Scotland

April 19th, 2018 5 PM Pacific / 7 PM Central / 8 PM Eastern
April 19th, 2018

5 PM Pacific / 7 PM Central / 8 PM Eastern

Awakening to the Miracle of Who We Truly Are

A New World is in our Midst. Each person alive to their purpose and creativity is a leader of this Emerging New World.


No matter where we stand in the world we are participating in the “Great Turn” from one era to another. Our planetary crisis calls us boldly to become our best self—with passion, love, creativity and yes—action. It’s time to move into a greater expression of who we are to support our families, communities and the world.


There is a new growing mainstream. If you are reading this you part of it. Millions of people the world over have a burgeoning desire for a more profound, authentic connection to life, an acknowledgment of our literal interconnectedness, economic interdependence, and spiritual interrelatedness. 


New Eyes, New Vision at Sacred Mountain is a highly experiential and transformative retreat event designed to support you to move into your fuller, greater expression as we shift and self-organize into communities of connection and shared purpose.


We will create and nurture cultural practices for the family of humanity that will help all of us unite in a common purpose and passion while at the same time supporting and deepening into our individual dreams and aspirations and group efforts.


At the core of our vision are “Keepers of the Turn” – Stewards of an Emerging New World. We lead with love in all of our various communities of awakening, support, empowerment, and collaboration.


If you want to support positive change in the world, fuller expression to your voice and seek a deeply connected community of support, this event is for you.

Access a New Vision for Yourself and The World  

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5 PM Pacific / 7 PM Central / 8 PM Eastern 

April 19th, 2018
12 Day Highly Transformational Visionary Retreat
July 12th - July 23rd, 2019
At our Facebook Group
Day One: Our Journey Begins!
(Friday, July 12th)

Your transformational journey – So it begins . . . .


At Heathrow Airport, Friday, July 29, 2016, at 9:30 AM our group unites for the first time. Your guides and “gatekeepers” will greet you and escort you to the “Magic Bus” and off we go to the first of many sacred and magical sites:


Avebury Stone Circle, ninety miles west of London, is the largest known prehistoric

Stone ring in the world. We’ll revitalize our energies as we walk around the energy-rich stones of this spiritual center surrounding the village of Avebury. Lunch will be at the Red Lion Pub in the center of the stones, rumored one of the most haunted pubs in England.

Connect with the Joy of an Emerging Leaders Community

July 12th-July 23rd, 2019

at the El Monte Sagrado Resort and Spa in Taos, New Mexico



Join Us!


Don’t miss this amazing opportunity! Join friends and colleagues at the incomparable, gorgeous setting of the El Monte Sagrado. A memorable experience to be treasured for a lifetime!


The retreat fee of $5,550.


You will receive:

  • 11 nights upscale accommodation (Double Occupancy*) $xx Value

  • Accommodations with private group access to the Chalice Well Peace Gardens at specified times.

  • All meals

  • Facilitator and workshop fees including 12 Week Teleseminar Series to prepare for the retreat (May, June, July) - $2850.00 Value

  • Transportation to and from off-site locations (as per itinerary)

  • Experiential practices that deepen your learning through guided meditation and supplementary materials 

  • Access to a vibrant, interactive eternal pilgrims community - $xx Value

  • 'Miracle Keepers" Certificate - Be the First! (With Teleseminar Series Attendance)


*For those wishing Single Occupancy, special arrangements may be available.


Does not include; Round Trip Airfare and Shuttle from London Heathrow or Bristol Airport


Commuter Rate available for England residents available. 


Special Financing Available!      


Just feet away from the Chalice Well and a few miles from the Glastonbury Plaza, St. Michaels Little Retreat Center offers a secluded, comfortable sanctuary, surrounded by sacred Yew trees, the Glastonbury Tor and St. Michaels Tower. It is a deeply peaceful property with English gardens, private spots to meditate or journal, and the sounds of birds and calming waters. Also within walking distance is the Abbey, and the White Springs, among other sites.


Glastonbury is known as the heart chakra of the planet! 


Why New Eyes / New Vision


We are ready!


There is a global narrative around what needs to be done to reverse the direction on our planet and also a rising awareness that it will not be our world leaders, our political systems, large government or corporate organizations to steward in this new world. It is up to each of us to step into our fullest expression and leadership to be in shared high purpose as one family of humanity. 


During the 7 Day Visionary Retreat we will discover through an emergent field of resonance ways to leap into our next level of expression in our own work and collectively. With New Eyes and New Vision we will be a potent fractal of the change we wish to see in our world, a phenomenon in it's own right. Let's shout it from the rooftops. We are ready!


What Is Keepers of the Turn


Keepers of the Turn are Stewards of a New, Emerging World.


We are defined neither by generation, geography, political credo nor by a religious creed. Anyone with passion and deep commitment to something that is loving, good and creative is a Keeper of the Turn, a harbinger of this emerging culture. We lead by example, and we lead with love.


Keepers of the Turn hold a shared cultural practice for the family of humanity. A practice that creates pride, honor, commitment and sacred relationship with what an individual is passionate about and has sacred relationship to. All “Keepers” hold a sacred, revered position within the Family of Humanity. For example, one could be something as simple as a "Keeper of Kindness" or as far reaching as a "Keeper of World Peace". There are "Keepers of Family" "Keepers of Elders" "Keepers of Trees" "Keepers of Bees" "Keepers of Seeds" "Keepers of Water" "Keepers of Prayer" "Keepers of Death and Dying"  and so on. Each Keeper of the Turn holds sacred wisdom or a special commitment that other community members may not and as a Family of Humanity, we honor them for that commitment and we seek their wisdom.


This practice is aligned with what took place at Standing Rock to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. The indigenous and general population came together to protect the water. Together, they are "Keepers of the Water" as they continue to stand united in prayer and commitment to protecting our waterways for future generations.


There is no hierarchy. A strong leader and lifelong activist that is a “Keeper of the Trees” is just as important and valuable as a “Keeper of the Trees” with a part-time effort. They reinforce and support each other in whatever action they take. Small and large groups may be formed to support each other in their passion, devotion, and guardianship.


This shared cultural practice creates an opportunity to bring families together for a shared purpose. Grandparents and parents can pass their "Keepers" wisdom down to children and grandchildren. In Indigenous tribes, there are 18th generation Pipe Keepers!


Keepers of the Turn emerging from this 7 Day Visionary Retreat will be the first to seed this practice as a means for unifying humanity beyond organizations and movements and other divisions.


Keepers of the Turn recognize that we are in a time of Awakening to a new mindset, a positive, expanded worldview, and yes, a higher level consciousness for humanity.  "Keepers" are guided by a cosmic pulse of awakening - a new consciousness!


We become examples for the rest of the world as we move into our passion, mastery and meaningful action with love and compassion to bring forth yet one more miracle of nature - humanity's potential realized.


El Monte Sagrado Tour - Short Version
El Monte Sagrado Tour - Long Version
Commuter Rate
for New Mexico Residents!
PREVIEW CALL April 19th, 2017

5  PM Pacific / 7 PM Central / 8 PM Eastern 

Immerse Yourself in a Resonant Field

of Love and Support 


Testimonials from previous pilgrimage led by the founders of "Milagro World Center"


My gratitude is beyond words for this beautiful experience“ Dinamah Machado


"You can go on the web site and see the itinerary but what we experienced was 200-300% north of what was written in that itinerary. I'm still beyond words." 

"It was an amazing life event for me." -  Bob Warner


"It was the most spectacular journey ever! I still get emotional

when I talk about it." - Darlis Mayes


"We dreamed the most awesome, amazing dream together" - Noel Marshall















Taos, New Mexico is considered 1 of 4 powerful energy vortex's in the United States

Your guides and leaders on this highly experiential, transformation retreat are

Nina Patrick

Teacher, Speaker, Mentor of Conscious Evolution

Co-founder, Milagro World Center



Keepers of the Turn

Cate Roberts

Keeper of the Miraculous

Barb Bonamasso

Keeper of the Miraculous


Keeper of the Miraculous

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A. Joseph Rosado

Teacher, Speaker, Spiritual Mentor

Co-founder, Director of World Headquarters, Chiriqui, Panama, Milagro World Center

The Assignment and 7 Cycles of Action

Cate's Friend

Keeper of the Miraculous


Shanti Heart Hollinger

Keeper of the Miraculous


Kathryn Waldman

Keeper of the Miraculous


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Day Two: Exploring an Emerging Culture
(Friday October 20th)


7:00 AM – Morning meditation in the Upper Room

7:30 AM – Gather at the Chalice Well

8:30 AM – Breakfast

10:00 AM – Climb the Glastonbury Tor to St. Michael’s Tower

1:00 PM – Light Lunch

1:30 PM – Orientation with Nina and Joseph

2:00 PM – Discussion with Darlis

5:30 PM – Afternoon meditation (Upper Room)

6:00 PM – Supper

7:30 PM – Individual reflection “The Mirror Pool” at the Chalice Well (Joseph)



Become a Keeper of the Turn, A Steward of the New World

October 19th - 26th, 2017

at the El Monte Sagrado and Spa in Taos, New Mexico

New Eyes, New Vision at Sacred Mountain 

Day Three: Diving Deep into Expanded Consciousness
(Saturday, October 21st)


Prepare for the Day in Sound, Movement and Sacred Space with Henry Lepler


BodhiBreath : Expand consciousness and life force through the breath.


Immerse yourself in the profound gift of BodhiBreath with Colleen Reid, sacred technology with ancient roots facilitated by Colleen Reid.

Explore hidden realms of expanded consciousness to discover radical wellness, personal insight, and lasting life changes.

Activate even deeper levels of  profound joy, deep inner peace, and lasting well-being  


Integration of BodhiBreath with Gentle Movement by Henry Lepler


Optional Activity: Opening of Kimberly Webbers' new series of evolutionary art paintings at "Untitled Fine Art Gallery"  Each painting is a prayer and call to action.

Learn more here.

Immerse Yourself In Expanded Consciousness

October 19th - 26th, 2017

at the El Monte Sagrado Resort and Spa in Taos, New Mexico

Day Four: Discovering New Ways to Walk in The World
(Sunday, October 22nd)


Prepare for the Day in Sound, Movement and Sacred Space with Henry Lepler; Calling In The Field of Miraculous


Begin the day as we discover newness with Whitney Freya.


Continue this day with Theresa Barry Grebb and Michelle Grabanski Pohlad. You will join them in a Field of Love. This co-creative Love Field emerges to connect a group of people with a collective high purpose.


It is here they will provide an opportunity to experience your personal transformation towards the embodiment of love through a healthy relationship with fear. This transformation allows you to live love out loud in our world without the fear of ridicule, abandonment, and loneliness. You will learn some tools which allow you to remain “normal” as you are being radically changed to what is emerging in our world.


Many of us are being asked to walk in this world as the embodiment of love so that love will radiate from us to those we encounter. This energetic exchange allows for the transformation of many to open up to the possibility to live love out loud allowing a more loving world to emerge.


If you are currently in the Board Room, a Spiritual Guru or anywhere in between, you have said yes to this because you know it is time to merge our whole beings to the only thing that matters, Love.


You will discover how to easily transform ordinary personal and social situations to extraordinary states of higher consciousness.


You will learn about a creative, accessible path to lead others from Fear to Love without ever asking them to.


And most of all you will be saying yes to what you know you need to emerge in yourself which ultimately allows it to emerge for the good of the whole in our world.


Complete the day as we Embody the New Story with Henry Lepler. Take the New Vision into the body and the world. 


Includes 2 Hour Lunch to enjoy free time and resort amenities including salt pools and spa.


Optional Activity : Celebrate the blessings of your New Vision with Ecstatic Dance. in "Be the Change You Wish to See" with Henry Lepler 






October 19th - 26th, 2017

at the El Monte Sagrado Resort and Spa in Taos, New Mexico


5  PM Pacific / 7 PM Central / 8 PM Eastern 


From The Milagro World Center


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


We are thrilled and honored to present our retreat "New Eyes, New Vision at Sacred Mountain!" with Patricia Ellsberg and Milagro World Center Facilitators.


If you would like to deepen your capacity for a vibrant, joy-filled life and vocation this retreat is for you!


Challenges in the world call us to strengthen our capacity to be peaceful and calm in the midst of chaos. They also

call us to move into a fuller expression of our gifts and talents to support our families, communities and the world.  


At the Milagro World Center we offer deeply experiential programs and events to support and nourish you as we shift into a "positive focus" culture and self-organize into communities of deep connection and shared purpose. At the core of our vision are "Keepers of the Turn”  – stewards of an emerging new world that "lead with love" in communities of awakening, support, empowerment, and collaboration.


Imagine what is possible if millions of us came together in our full expression and passion to be in service to what is loving, good and creative in our world. Imagine what can be unleashed. It is Humanity's Potential Realized.


It is our heart's desire for you to learn, transform and open to your highest gifts and capacities. It would be a delight to have you become part of our larger community to create something truly magnificent together.


That is our invitation and if your soul rings with joy to have found your place, join us for this retreat, and so much more.


Welcome to the Milagro World Center!


In love, peace, and gratitude,


Learn more about the Milagro World Center at 

Contact us at or

Joseph Rosado

Nina Patrick

Day Seven : Experiencing Personal and Collective Activations at Sacred Mountain
(Wednesday, October 25th)


Prepare for the Day in Sound, Movement and Sacred Space with Henry Lepler and Miracle Keepers


Morning ;  with Star Walker Peterson


Experience the high vibrational energies of Sacred Geometry


Learn new sacred geometry energetic tools and techniques for wellness transformation that compliment existing therapies.


Experience personal activations to open up your intuition and spiritual heart center to further expand your awakened state.


Create sacred space for body, mind and spirit transformation


Learn about dowsing and our interaction with earth energies as we prepare to visit the Gorge.


Afternoon : The Rio Grande Gorge

Evening:  Free Time to Explore

October 19th - 26th, 2017

at the El Monte Sagrado Resort and Spa in Taos, New Mexico

Day Eight : Celebrating in the Sacred Grove
(Thursday, October 26th)


Morning ;


Next Steps and Momentum


Meet in the Sacred Grove to Celebrate All That Is.

Noon : Check out


Day Five: Embodying Qualities of The New Human
(Monday, October 23rd)


Prepare for the Day in Sound, Movement and Sacred Space, Dance In the Field of the Miraculous

Open the day as we discover newness with Dr. Marie Mbouni 


Continue this day as "A Day of Bliss, Divine Eros and Emergence" with Patricia Ellsberg


Discover unbounded sources of creativity and pleasure! Patricia introduces guest Ellice Apostolos to open a spiritual pathway anchored in reclaiming the body, mind, heart and soul. Emerge from each experience reborn into your own skin,

Be guided to become One with the Inner Beloved, a source of the love you seek.


Activate and run blissful subtle energy up and down and throughout your body during the day.


Explore “Radical Gratitude” and it’s place in your life.


Practice a powerful process to heal sacred wounds


Explore a myriad of ways to Savor Sacred Pleasure as a form of worship


Say Yes! to living in the Flow of this Divine Eros every day.


Throughout the day you will be led in powerful creative attunements that will give you a direct taste of Divine Eros.


Includes 2 Hour Lunch to enjoy free time and resort amenities including salt pools and spa.


Leap into What is Next!  

October 19th - 26th, 2017

at the El Monte Sagrado Resort and Spa in Taos, New Mexico

Day Six : Transcending Separation and Leading With Love
(Tuesday, October 24th)

Prepare for the Day in Sound, Movement and Sacred Space 


Morning ; Come Dive into the Unified Field of Love 


Track the emerging field of heart intelligence in your body, as it naturally unifies and creates greater coherence physically, emotionally and spiritually


Cultivate a higher collective energetic field of resonance and wholeness


Experience the integration and dissolution of patterns of separation, which have been obstructing the power of your message with embodied ease


Lead with Love and celebrate the ovation of sustained connection, within and without.


Afternoon :  Taos Pueblo



Visit the Taos Pueblo, North America's longest continuous settlement


Group Exploration with Nina Patrick and Joseph Rosado related to our

roles in Community for these times. 


Kimberly Webber will speak about her role as keeper of the honeybees and their loving message and frequency of unity, healing, and abundance.


We will also explore the importance of values, balance, and self-care. A path forward.


Evening:  Prepare for Dreamtime at the Campfire

Immerse Yourself In Sacred Space

October 19th - 26th, 2017

at the El Monte Sagrado Resort and Spa in Taos, New Mexico