Milagro World Center Presents

New Eyes, New Vision on Ancient Sacred Ground

A 8-Day Transformational Retreat

 in the Sacred British Isles

       Avalon Awaits!        

Many hear the call, but not all answer.... 

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A 8-Day Transformational Retreat in Avalon 
A. Joseph Rosado, Nina Louise Patrick


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Avalon Awaits!

A Sacred Journey and Transformational Retreat

July 12th - July 19rd 2019 in the Sacred British Isles


Friday, July 12th, 2019 -  Day One : Avebury and Arrival at the Chalice Well and Peace Gardens 

Saturday, July 13th, 2019 -  Day Two :  The Glastonbury Tor / St. Michael's Tower 

Sunday, July 14th, 2019 -  Day Three : The Chalice Well and Peace Gardens / Quest for the Miraculous

Monday, July 15th, 2019 -  Day Four : Private Access to Stonehenge / Crop Circles

Tuesday, July 16th, 2019 -  Day Five :  Glastonbury Abbey Ruins

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019 -  Day Six :   City of Wells / Wells Cathedral / King Arthurs Court

Thursday, July 18th, 2019 -  Day Seven :  Co-Creation

Friday, July 19th, 2019 -  Day Eight :  Farewell to Avalon!

Places of Peace and Power

Stonehenge - the best known yet least understood monument in the Sacred British Isles. It has baffled and mystified historians and antiquarians for thousands of years, but the true purpose and meaning of Stonehenge still remains shrouded in mystery even today.

Avalon Awaits!

"By means of all created things, the divine assails us, penetrates us, and molds us. We imagined it as distant and inaccessible, when in fact we live steeped in its burning layers." ~ Teilhard de Chardin

There are special places, scattered and hidden throughout the world, that are filled with magic, mystery, and beauty. Most people are either unaware of their existence or they exist only in their imagination from legend and lore. But they are very real and available to us. It is time to bring the knowledge of these sacred sites, places of peace and power, to everyone.


Journey with your hosts, Joseph Rosado and Nina Patrick, as they explore some of the most extraordinary places of spiritual power and mystical energy on our planet. Learn the fascinating history of spiritual centers from various cultures as your hosts stir up ancient memories and give new understanding to ancient truths. Witness the real-life effects as ordinary people travel with our hosts to experience first hand the life-changing energies of these powerful sites.


We live in a time of chaos, confusion, fear, and uncertainty. People are looking for peace of mind, meaningful connection with others and a sense of personal power more than ever before.  Joseph and Nina share their own unique experience and wisdom to assist others in finding the power within them.  Joseph, as the former Guardian of the Chalice Well and Gardens in Glastonbury, England, has guided thousands of pilgrims through this holy sanctuary. His calm and loving demeanor, combined with his extensive knowledge of historical and sacred energy sites, make him an ideal guide. Nina, with her diverse experience and strong communication skills offers a unique spiritual perspective to all involved leading them to a higher understanding of the multi-dimensional reality of our world.


As physicists have discovered we live in a physical dimension that is part of a much larger "energy field" that is beyond most people's ability to discern. But at certain times - and in certain locations the veil between these dimensions becomes thin allowing some people to sense, see, hear and feel beyond the earthly confines. What results is often a transformational experience for those ready to open to these higher dimensions. History has shown us that in may sacred sites documented healings have occurred as well as a variety of paranormal experiences, some of which can be detected with modern-day technology.


"Magic" becomes reality in these special places of sacred energy. Hope is renewed. Peace is restored as we re-discover our identity and purpose in life. There is much to learn and share when traveling to some of the most fascinating and mysterious locations on Earth. Milagro World Center will take pilgrims along on a spellbinding trip, connecting with ancient energies of sacred sites and revealing to the world their hidden power. 


A Path to Empowerment

God calls you to the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet - Fredrick Buechner
8 Day Transformational Pilgrimage
July 12th - July 19th, 2019
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Why New Eyes / New Vision on Ancient Sacred Land


There is a global narrative around what needs to be done to reverse the direction on our planet and also a rising awareness that it will not be our world leaders, our political systems, large government or corporate organizations to steward in this new world. It is up to each of us to step into our fullest expression of Self to be in shared high purpose as one family of humanity. 


During the 8-Day Transformational Retreat, we will discover through the peace and power of sacred land to step into the next level of expression of Self in our personal lives and work. We will be in a quest for the field of infinite potential, the miraculous, in all facets of our personal lives and in the world around us. Individually and collectively, with New Eyes and New Vision, we will be a potent fractal of the change we wish to see in our world, a phenomenon in its own right.


It’s time to write a new story, personally and collectively, about our humanity - and it is ours to do. This requires seeing ourselves—and the world—through fresh eyes. This requires allowing what's possible to come through. We can no longer do things the way we’ve always done them, but making this epic leap can be confounding, and requires trailblazers to help us traverse new terrain.


This is why Milagro World Center continues to host New Eyes, New Vision transformational retreats and pilgrimage. We are committed to a cultural revolution and whole transformation of our species, one by one, by one. We envision humanity arising to co-create a world equal to our vast potential.

A high-level, grand quest of this sort can only take place on sacred land that emanates the high intent of the gathering and invites participants to surrender to all of their senses. The Chalice Well and Peace Gardens is a mecca for pilgrimage and a potent sanctuary apart from the hustle-bustle of our hectic lives. In addition, the Sacred British Isles rich blend of culture and lore and the deep spirit of their peoples, past and present, set the tone for our inquiry and quest. All of this assist us to bring forward a higher self and future with new eyes and open hearts that realizes our potential.



NEW EYES, NEW VISION invites you to LOVE and EXCEL in your life, not just live it. This retreat is designed to nurture and support you to access your fuller, greater expression. It will lend greater clarity to your role in the transformation of our world.

Ensconced in the sacred land of the British Isles, amidst places of peace and power, you will be treated to comfortable accommodations and the company of kindred spirits. Experience the power and sheer magic of ancient sacred land. Savor walks in the exquisite gardens and grounds, and luxuriate in the peaceful surroundings. Enjoy delicious, hearty organic meals as we break bread around the table and enter into deep conversation. 

You will emerge from the experience feeling enriched, radiant, refreshed - ready to embrace your life and what's next.


It’s our human nature to yearn to belong to something larger than ourselves. This sacred journey  is a welcome home. You will feel embraced by your guides and fellow travelers. It is just the beginning of ongoing support through a growing communion of pioneers who work together to shift consciousness and continue to deepen our relationship as a unified family.

When you return home, you will have the community support necessary to step into the next version of your self. Beyond the event, Milagro World Center will host community calls along with courses and shared projects to keep our connection and momentum alive. 

Join Us!


Don’t miss this opportunity for magnificence. Join friends and colleagues in the incomparable, gorgeous setting of the Sacred British Isles. A memorable experience to be treasured for a lifetime!


The cost of the complete journey $3,950

(Airfare to and from London Heathrow Airport not included)


You will receive:

  • A Eight Day / Seven Night journey in the Sacred British Isles with accommodations (Double Occupancy*)

  • Daily Meals

  • Facilitator and workshop fees including several teleconference calls to prepare for the retreat

  • Transportation to and from off-site locations (as per itinerary, beyond London Heathrow/Edinburgh)

  • Experiential practices that deepen your transformation and supplementary materials 

  • Access to a vibrant, interactive online community  


Does not include; Round Trip Airfare to and from London Heathrow

Special Financing Available!      


Just one mile  from downtown Glastonbury, Little St. Michaels Retreat Center offers a secluded sanctuary with the Chalice Well in the midst of beautiful gardens, surrounded by the towering

Glastonbury Tor. There are sunlit streams and the sounds of calming waterfalls throughout.



Immerse Yourself in a

Powerful Field of Heart Opening 

Glastonbury, Somerset, England is considered the Heart Chakra of the planet.


The Glastonbury Tor and the Abbey Ruins, both a short walk from our lodging

Your Gatekeepers and Guides on this highly transformational Pilgrimage

A. Joseph Rosado

Co-founder, Director of World Headquarters, Chiriqui, Panama, Milagro World Center, Keeper of the Miraculous

Teacher, Speaker, Spiritual Mentor, Conscious Entrepeneur

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Nina Patrick

Co-founder Milagro World Center, Keeper of the Miraculous


Teacher, Speaker, Spiritual Mentor, Mentor of Conscious Evolution

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An Article by A. Joseph Rosado Published in Natural Awakenings Magazine, September, 2017

The Necessity of Transformational Retreats

What People Are Saying About Us

"It was the most spectacular journey ever! I still get emotional when I talk about it."


July 2014


"We dreamed the most awesome, amazing dream together."

Noel M

July 2014


"Midwest farm girl met liberation and peace.  My experience at the New Eyes, New Vision retreat is indescribable and only in the best way.  A family of caring, committed and wise souls held space for me to simply be, be me, explore a new me, and grow me. I encourage all those with trepidation and apprehension to be open to any experience that Nina and Joseph offer.  Great thanks to all that were a part of this journey!"

Laraine M

October 2017 


"My experience was magical and transformative. I have greater clarity of who I AM and the path and purpose that is calling me forward. I also feel that I am a part of a larger family. A tribe that is holding me in as much light as I am holding them. It has been months and I am still integrating. The power of our time together continues to pulsate and emerge in beautiful divine expressions that are lighting my way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  For this and more, blessed be dear ones. I love you!"

Erin D

October 2017


"My gratitude is beyond words for this beautiful experience."


Dinamah M

July 2014


"You can go on the website and see the itinerary but what we experienced was 200-300% north of what was written in that itinerary. I'm still beyond words. It was an amazing life event for me."

Bob W

July 2014 


Day One: Arrival
(Friday, July 12th, 2019)

Arrive London Heathrow as our group unites for the first time. Your guides will greet you, whisk you off!


Revitalize your energies in Avebury Stone Circle, 90 miles West of London, the largest known prehistoric stone circle in the world.


Enjoy lunch and continue your journey to Glastonbury, the ancient Isle of Avalon, a mecca for pilgrimage.


Arrive at the Chalice Well and Peace Gardens, a holy sanctuary of beauty and peace at the heart of our sacred journey.


Gather in the "Upper Room" for silent meditation and King Arthur's Court for the Opening Ceremony of Purification. 


A delicious, organic heart meal awaits you upon your return.

After supper, continue to settle in, then drop into the comfy bed that awaits you. 

Day Two: The Glastonbury Tor 
(Saturday July 13th)


Prepare for the Day. Gather for silent meditation in the Upper Room


Walk the Peace Gardens and gather at the Chalice Well 


Return to the retreat house. A hearty breakfast awaits you!


Climb the Glastonbury Tor to St. Michael's Tower


Light lunch in the gardens


Orientation with Nina and Joseph


Gather around the table for a delicious hearty, organic meal


The "Mirror Pool" reflection with Joseph (Individual sessions)




See With New Eyes, New Vision

July 12th - July 23rd, 2019 

in Places of Peace and Power


Drink from the Well of Life

July 12th - 23rd, 2019

in Places of Peace and Power

Day Three: Chalice Well and Peace Gardens
(Sunday, July 14th)


Prepare for the Day. Gather for silent meditation in the Upper Room


Gather at the Chalice Well


Return to the retreat house. A hearty breakfast awaits you!


Gather in the Chalice Well Meeting Room 


Break for a Light lunch / Walk the Peace Gardens


Afternoon Meditation at the Well


Gather in the Chalice Well Meeting Room Calling in the Field of the Miraculous

Gather around the table for a delicious, hearty, organic meal.


Early night - 4:30 AM departure for Stonehenge (Special Access)



Day Four: Stonehenge and Crop Circles 
(Monday, July 15th)


Depart for Stonehenge


Special access into Stonehenge 


Visit West Kennet Longbarrow


Light Breakfast


Explore Crop Circles and a few other sites, weather permitting.


Free Time


Afternoon meditation in the Upper Room 


Gather around the table for a delicious, hearty, organic meal.


A perfect time to visit the garden in its cloak of evening. 

Immerse Yourself in Expanded Consciousness

July 12th - July 19th, 2019 

in Places of Peace and Power


Avalon Awaits!

July 12th - July 19th, 2019 

in Places of Peace and Power!

Day Five: Glastonbury Abbey Ruins
(Tuesday, July 16th)


Prepare for the Day. Gather for silent meditation in the Upper Room


Visit with the Chalice Well and Peace Gardens


Return to the retreat house. A hearty breakfast awaits you!


Visit the Glastonbury Abbey Ruins


Free time - to have lunch and visit the quaint mystical shops on the high street and visit other places of interest.


Back to Little St. Michael’s for Afternoon Meditation in the Upper Room or at The Chalice Well


Gather around the table for hearty, organic meal.

Free time to journal, quiet reflection in the garden, schedule a one-on-one 

Day Six : City of Wells and the Wells Cathedral
(Wednesday, July 17th)


Prepare for the Day. Gather for silent meditation in the Upper Room


Visit with the Chalice Well and Peace Gardens


Return to the retreat house. A hearty breakfast awaits you!


Off to the City of Wells and the Wells Cathedral with Wednesday Market and Lunch


After an inspiring and enjoyable full day, we head home to our sanctuary.


Afternoon Meditation in the Upper Room or at The Chalice Well


Gather around the table for hearty, organic meal.


King Arthur’s Court for a Ceremony of Light at the Waterfall


Set foot on Ancient Sacred Ground 

July 12th - July 19th, 2019 

in Places of Peace and Power!

Day Seven : Co-Creation
(Thursday, July 18th)


Prepare for the Day. Gather for silent meditation in the Upper Room


Quiet Time with the Chalice Well and Peace Gardens


Return to the retreat house. A hearty breakfast awaits you!


Free Time


Afternoon Meditation in the Upper Room or at the Chalice Well 


Enjoy a hearty, organic meal


Gather around the Well for our bittersweet Farewell


Pack for your journey home with new eyes and new vision!



Day Eight : Off to Scotland!
(Friday, July 19th)


Prepare for the Day. Gather for silent meditation at the Chalice Well. 


Return to the retreat house. A breakfast awaits you!


Board the Magic Bus and you're off to the airport.



July 12th - July 19th, 2019

Traverse  ancient, sacred land steeped in magic and mystery

From the Milagro World Center


Dear Friends and Colleagues,


We are thrilled and honored to present our retreat New Eyes, New Vision on Ancient Sacred Ground with Keepers of the Miraculous.


If you would like to deepen your capacity for a vibrant, joy-filled life and vocation this retreat is for you!


Challenges in the world call us to strengthen our capacity to be peaceful and calm in the midst of chaos. They also

call us to move into a fuller expression of our gifts and talents to support our families, communities and the world.  


At the Milagro World Center we offer deeply experiential programs and events to support and nourish you as we shift into a "positive focus" culture and self-organize into communities of deep connection and shared purpose. At the core of our vision are "Keepers of the Turn”  – stewards of an emerging new world that "lead with love" in communities of awakening, support, empowerment, and collaboration.


Imagine what is possible if millions of us came together in our full expression and passion to be in service to what is loving, good and creative in our world. Imagine what can be unleashed. It is Humanity's Potential Realized.


It is our heart's desire for you to learn, transform and open to your highest gifts and capacities. It would be a delight to have you become part of our larger community to create something truly magnificent together.


That is our invitation and if your soul rings with joy to have found your place, join us for this retreat, and so much more.


Welcome to the Milagro World Center!


In love, peace, and gratitude,


Learn more about the Milagro World Center at 


Contact us at or


Nina Patrick

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Joseph Rosado

Scotland Awaits You!