About Whitney Freya



Whitney Freya is a full-color presence in the arena of spiritual teachers and the self-help movement. She is the published author of three books on personal creativity, including The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit and her latest release, Rise Above, Free Your Mind One Brush Stroke at a Time.


Whitney is devoted to helping people to use art making as a spiritual practice and expressive living. She uses art as an energy work medium of the imagination and as a way to connect to the subconscious and Source energy, allowing for new healing insights and personal growth.


She has facilitated her process at The Esalen Institute, Burning Man, The Agape Spiritual Center, and creativity conferences in South Africa, Dubai, Canada and the U.S. She has appeared on summits alongside Dr. Wayne Dyer, Donna Eden & more. Her Creatively Fit Certified Coaches are sharing her approach with the world and are over 150 strong globally. Whitney is also a mother of three, a motivational speaker, and creative entrepreneur.