Love Voice Rising with Michelle Grabanski Pohland and Global Heart Team with Theresa Barry Greb

Join Theresa Barry Grebb and Michelle Grabanski Pohlad in a Field of Love.


This co-creative Love Field emerges to connect a group of people with a collective high purpose.


It is here they will provide an opportunity to experience your personal transformation towards the embodiment of love through a healthy relationship with fear. This transformation allows you to live love out loud in our world without the fear of ridicule, abandonment, and loneliness. You will learn some tools which allow you to remain “normal” as you are being radically changed to what is emerging in our world.


Many of us are being asked to walk in this world as the embodiment of love so that love will radiate from us to those we encounter. This energetic exchange allows for the transformation of many to open up to the possibility to live love out loud allowing a more loving world to emerge.


If you are currently in the Board Room, a Spiritual Guru or anywhere in between, you have said yes to this because you know it is time to merge our whole beings to the only thing that matters, Love.


You will discover how to easily transform ordinary personal and social situations to extraordinary states of higher consciousness.


You will learn about a creative, accessible path to lead others from Fear to Love without ever asking them to.


And most of all you will be saying yes to what you know you need to emerge in yourself which ultimately allows it to emerge for the good of the whole in our world.